Objects Inspired by Ancient Rome


Title: Triumphal Arch (front and, back)

Size: 29"x 13"

Title: Homage to Pompeii

Size: 32"x 11"

Title: Roman Soldier (front and, back)

Size: 29"x 13"

Title: Portrait - Duo (front and, back)

Size: 31"x 10"

Title: Portrait with Snake

Size: 23" x 7-3/4"

Title: Portrait(front)

Size: 23"x 7-3/4"

Title: Bronzed Mirror

Size: 23"x 7"x 3/4"

Medium: Welded Steel

Collaboration with R. Arango

Inspired by ancient hand mirrors, these large bas-relief sculptures with welded textured surfaces are an interpretation of an everyday ancient object.

The front sides commemorate various locations and ancient themes, while the reverse sides are polished to a hazy reflection similar to mirrors of antiquity.